10+ Resources for Independent Seniors

March 5th, 2021

Often, the older we get the more difficult it is to continue living on their own, but sometimes there are easy solutions that allow seniors to maintain their independence. However, seniors may not know these solutions exist, or how readily available they are. Here are the ten most important resources you need to know about. (Plus, there’s a free guide at the end!)

1. Your local agency on aging

While they won’t directly provide services, one of your first steps should be to contact a case worker from the Agency on Aging. They can help you line up services like meal delivery, transportation to and from appointments, and home services such as housekeeping, personal care, and medication management. You can find your local office by checking the Administration on Aging’s website.

2. Eldercare locator

Eldercare Locator helps you connect with local organizations, and it’s a great source of trustworthy info. Both seniors and caregivers can use it to find things like transportation, alternative housing, legal services, financial assistance, and more.

3. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities are able to help seniors get meals, care, and more, and serve people regardless of their social, religious, and economic standing. Visiting Catholic Charities’ website,, will help you find groups in your area.

4. Local religious establishments

Churches and religious groups are a good place to start if you are looking for people to provide services for the elderly. Even if you don’t belong to the group, you can still reach out to find more information about people who can do things like home repairs or snow removal. Many churches provide these services to people outside of their religious affiliation.

5. Public Libraries

Many local libraries provide free internet access and have staff members on hand who will help you find the information you need. Additionally, some hold classes teaching seniors how to use computers. Others offer classes or host meetings for things like book clubs, so this can be a great way to get involved in a community for little to no cost.

6. Local transportation services

Transportation is a major reason seniors can become isolated, and it’s important to stay on top of doctors’ appointments, but driving can be difficult for seniors. However, some cities have programs through which seniors are able to receive free transportation. These services offer rides to and from medical appointments, meals, or activities at local senior centers. This service varies by location, so you may want to reach out to your local AoA, churches, or other seniors.


AARP is a wealth of resources for seniors. While many know AARP for its discounts and benefits like roadside assistance and dental insurance, you can also find information about housing, healthcare, and meals on its website.

8. State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

Medicare beneficiaries and their families or caregivers can get free health benefits counseling services through SHIP. Programs may vary from state to state, so check out the website for more information.

9. The American Bar Association

Local branches will help seniors find legal assistance. This is a valuable resource, especially if seniors have been a victim of fraud or abuse. The ABA can also help seniors find ways to manage their finances.

10. Meals on Wheels

Almost every community has a Meals on Wheels program that provides nutritious meals to homebound seniors. This can also be a great source of companionship for seniors.

11. This Essential Facebook Guide for Seniors

Ever typed something into Google with the intent to find a new recipe or go to a website, only to find that you posted your search as a Facebook status? Eliminate those worries forever with this handy Facebook Guide. Learn everything you need to know about using Facebook, from basics such as posting a status or photo to the more advanced stuff like going live! Click the link below to instantly view and download a free PDF of our Facebook Guide.

Have you found any of these services or programs helpful? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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