17 Programs That Can Help You Save on Healthcare Costs

October 19th, 2019

For many people, once we get older, healthcare costs start to stack up. This can be especially difficult because many plans don’t cover vision care.

However, there are several programs you may be able to take advantage of that can help you save on expenses. (Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to find out how you can save on vision care!)

Federal and State Assistance Programs:

1. Medicaid

A joint state/federal program that can help people with limited income and resources receive help for medical costs.

2. Medicare Savings Programs

States have Medicare Savings Programs (MSP). These help people pay premiums and deductibles along with other expenses like coinsurance, copayments, and prescription drug costs.


The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly helps people meet health care needs within their communities. It is a Medicare/Medicaid program.

4. Supplemental Security Income

People who are disabled, blind, 65 or older, and who have limited income and resources may qualify for extra benefits.

Prescription Medication Discount Programs:


Use the AARP Prescription Discount Card (through OptumRx) to save an average of 61% on FDA-approved generic, brand name, or specialty drugs. 

6. Costco

Costco members can save up to 80% on prescriptions with the Costco Member Prescription Program

7. CVS Pharmacy

Sign up for the CVS ExtraCare program and get personalized coupons, up to 2% back from everyday purchases, and $5 ExtraBucks Rewards when you fill 10 prescriptions.

8. Kmart

Subscribe to the Prescription Savings Club for $15 per household per year and receive discounted coverage for certain generic drugs.

9. Narcup

Save up to 50% on FDA-approved drugs at a network of pharmacies that includes CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Target, Safeway, and Kmart.

10. Rite Aid

Join the Rite Aid Rx Savings Program to save 20% on both brand name and generic prescription drugs and receive extra discounts at Rite Aid with your Rx Savings Card.

11. Walgreens

Join Walgreens Prescription Savings Club to save on brand-name and generic medications. Save 10% at Walgreens Healthcare Clinic and 5-20% on immunizations.

12. Walmart

Walmart Pharmacies carry generic and brand name medications at a low cost. You can even get $4 refills on some medications.

Vision Care Savings Programs:

13. American Optometric Association

The AOA partners with other organizations to help people receive the care they need. See if you qualify.

14. Lions Clubs

This organization provides financial assistance for eye care through local clubs. Find organizations in your area.

15. New Eyes

New Eyes allows patients to apply for an eyeglass voucher, though only social service agencies and health advocates can apply on an individual’s behalf.

16. OneSight

You may be able to receive free eye care if you get a referral from a local charitable organization. Learn more here.

17. Medicare Plan Comparison Programs

Compare Medicare plans with our Medicare savings center to see how much you can save!

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