20 Small Changes That Can Save You Big Money in the Kitchen

November 10th, 2020

Everyone has their own ways of saving money. And while there are lots of “big” ways to save—like downsizing your house or getting rid of a car—there are plenty of smaller changes you can make to save money, too. These aren’t just things like “no spend” challenges where you refrain from spending money on certain things. 

These smaller changes are things that, over time, can become habits that will save you a ton. Over time, these small changes will add up to a nice chunk of change. 

Ready to stop overspending and start saving with small, actionable goals? Here’s how to save in the kitchen: 

  1. Buy bulk instead of single-serve snacks and divide them into individual portions
  2. Mix up your own iced tea or lemonade
  3. Invest in reusable containers or bags instead of plastic bags
  4. Cook extra and freeze it for another day
  5. Cook instead of ordering out
  6. Plan meals ahead of time so you only buy what you need
  7. Every week, make a point to use up or freeze anything in your fridge that will start going bad soon
  8. Grow herbs yourself (they’re easy!)
  9. Wash and cut your own veggies 
  10. Get more out of your meat by adding it to a bigger dish like a soup, pasta, or salad
  11. Buy a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to constantly buy bottled water
  12. Mix up your own salad dressing
  13. Use meat bones, scraps, and leftover raw vegetables to make your own stock
  14. Meal plan based on what’s on sale this week
  15. Supplement smaller portions of meat with healthy alternatives like lentils and beans
  16. Make meatless dishes—you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy dishes like pasta e fagioli, for example
  17. Grow veggies in your backyard
  18. Make your own seasoning mixes (no need to spend extra on pumpkin pie spice!)
  19. Bake and decorate your own desserts for celebrations
  20. Cook whole chickens instead of buying just the breast. Even a small one can feed four people for a few meals! (Don’t forget to save the bones for stock)

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