5 Alternatives to Having a Retirement Party

August 11th, 2020

Retirement gives you a lot to celebrate, like no more long commutes, freedom to pursue hobbies and things you’re passionate about. You’ve worked hard for a long time, and you deserve to celebrate the accomplishment. However, huge parties aren’t for everyone, nor are they particularly safe in the midst of a global pandemic. Still, retirement is a major milestone that deserves celebration.  

First, take a moment to consider what kinds of activities make you happy. Do you love traveling and exploring new places? Nice dinners with your significant other? Working on DIY projects around the house? Second, consider what’s within your budget. Finally, pick an activity and make it happen!

Here are a few alternative ideas for the party-averse folks who still want to celebrate this important milestone.

Plan a Trip

For a lot of people, traveling isn’t in the cards right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a future trip and celebrate when it’s safer to do so. Whether you want to spend weeks touring another country with your whole family or a few days enjoying a quick getaway alone, taking a trip is a great way to let loose and celebrate. Plus, travel is highly customizable to your budget. Sometimes, staying close to home is a nice way to act like a tourist and explore things you’ve never seen.

Try a Retreat

Retreats are a great way to step back and focus solely on you. This can be a great way to enter the next phase of your life! Additionally, retreats are usually more structured than traditional sightseeing or beach vacations. Typically, they focus on one specific experience—relaxation, yoga or meditation, creative pursuits—and can last anywhere from a weekend to several weeks. They also vary in price. Again, traveling to a retreat might not be feasible during the pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t host your own retreat at home by taking time to focus on self-care.

Take a Relaxation Day (or Two)

After working for so long, you deserve to step away and focus on self-care. What is one activity that’s solely for you, where you won’t be interrupted by the demands of others? Think about what activities are most relaxing to you. Maybe it’s golfing or fishing. Maybe it’s hiking or meditation. You can easily plan relaxing solo activities at home, such as a long soak in the tub with an aromatherapy candle.

Enjoy a Nice Dinner

Where parties can be loud and overwhelming for attendees, a dinner can be a slightly calmer, less-fuss way to celebrate. With that in mind, you and your significant other could take out a nice meal from your favorite restaurant. Set up your dining room like it’s a real restaurant, with candles and a tablecloth for an intimate and special evening. If you want to socialize without the to-do of a large party, you could also invite a few friends and family members along when it is safe to do so. A dinner can be as intimate or as large as you like.

Buy Yourself a Gift

Retiring is the perfect excuse to purchase something you’ve always wanted but made excuses not to buy. Maybe it’s that fun purse you’ve been eyeing up at the department store, or a fancy watch that you can now afford. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself—you’ve earned it!

How did you celebrate retirement? Let us know in the comments!

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