5 Inspired Tools For Every Handyman

January 20th, 2021

We all have those people in our lives who are incredibly hard to shop for. Mine are my grandfather and uncles, who seem to get harder to shop for every year. They’re the kind who don’t love reading or shopping, so books and gift cards are at the bottom of their lists. They like doing projects around the house, but have spent a lifetime collecting various tools. They are, in a word, practical. 

Never fear, though. There are still gifts out there for those people. Whether you’re looking for birthdays or holidays, these creative gifts are perfect for DIY lovers everywhere.


If you’ve used superglue at all, you know that it’s annoying to apply and so runny that half the time you end up gluing your fingers together. Enter Bondic, a relatively new product that can help fix almost anything. Unlike superglue, Bondic isn’t an adhesive—it’s a liquid plastic which you harden by exposing it to UV light. It’s definitely a unique and practical gift, but one that anyone who likes DIY projects should have!

Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

As someone who loves cooking but is always worried about undercooking chicken and pork, I know I would love this gift. Suitable for grills and ovens alike, this smart thermometer connects to your phone through an app. Now gourmands won’t have to babysit dishes quite so much, or worry about frequent checks causing heat to escape the grill or oven. 

3-in-1 Jump Starter

There’s nothing more irritating than hopping into your car, turning the key, and hearing…nothing, because your battery is dead. Now you either need to run across the street and hope your neighbor is home to jump your car, or you’re calling roadside assistance. Either way, you’re late to wherever you were going. A 3-in-1 jump starter is a great gift because it eliminates the need for another car. The other features—like charging ports, an air compressor, and an LED light—are just a bonus.

Handheld Knife Sharpener

The only thing more dangerous than a sharp knife is a dull one. Dull blades require more force to slice through whatever you’re cutting, meaning they’re more likely to slip, too. Your loved ones will likely appreciate not just the gift, but the logical thinking behind it.

Digital Tape Measure

When you’re working on a project, precision is often key. This makes it frustrating to look down at a measuring tape and see—is that three quarters of an inch, or seven eighths? With a digital tape measure, you’ll never have to worry about precision again, because that’s this tape measure’s entire purpose.

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