50 Things to Try When You Turn 50

April 30th, 2019

By age 50, you’ve probably accomplished a lot. You might be approaching retirement and planning the next phase of your life. During this time, you might also find that there are a number of things you haven’t had time to do and still wish to try or accomplish. You may be making your bucket list with the benefits of age and wisdom on your side, but it’s important to remember to have fun and try new things.

Trying something at least once can open up a wealth of new experiences, and what better time to try than in retirement? Here is a list of activities to try after you retire. How many have you done already?

  1. Take a road trip.
  2. Travel to a new destination.
  3. Build something on your own.
  4. Sing karaoke.
  5. Reconnect with an old school friend.
  6. Go mountain climbing.
  7. Stay up all night.
  8. Change your look or hairstyle dramatically.
  9. Take dance lessons.
  10. Go scuba diving.
  11. Go skinny dipping.
  12. Get a tattoo.
  13. Learn more about your family history.
  14. Try ziplining.
  15. Volunteer in your community.
  16. Learn a language.
  17. Splurge on an extravagant purchase.
  18. If you’re single, go on a date.
  19. Men: Make a friend without your spouse.
  20. Join a flash mob
  21. Buy (or at least test drive) a car you have always wanted.
  22. Become an expert in or at something you’ve always loved.
  23. Take a job outside of your comfort zone.
  24. Fly first class.
  25. Go skydiving.
  26. Fix something all by yourself.
  27. Participate in a cause you believe in.
  28. Move out of the country and live abroad.
  29. Tell someone your honest opinion of them.
  30. Attend a concert you have to travel to.
  31. Go camping.
  32. Have sex in an unexpected place.
  33. Master public speaking.
  34. Become a mentor.
  35. Forgive someone who hurt you.
  36. Grow a garden.
  37. Catch up on reading.
  38. Take yourself on a real adventure.
  39. Teach someone a skill you’re amazing at.
  40. Cook an elaborate meal for group of guests.
  41. Eat at a top restaurant.
  42. Host a party that has people talking for weeks.
  43. Go gambling.
  44. Conquer a major fear.
  45. Own something that makes you feel like a million bucks.
  46. Participate in a major festival like Mardi Gras or Oktoberfest.
  47. Master a bar game.
  48. Get an item of clothing custom made for you.
  49. Go on a blind date if you’re single.
  50. Go on a trip by yourself.

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