6 Ways to Spend Less on Recurring Expenses

April 19th, 2021

If you’ve paid bills for basically any amount of time at all, you know there are monthly expenses that eat up a big portion of your budget. However, there are probably a number of small expenses that are taking bigger bites out of your budget than you realize. Fortunately, for many of these items, it’s possible to get cheaper versions or to eliminate them from your budget entirely. You’ll be surprised how much you can save!

Late fees

Just about everyone has experienced a late fee at one time or another. Over time, though, these can negatively affect your standing with the company and your credit score. Avoid the hassle by setting up automatic payments. Just make sure to keep your checking account balanced to avoid overdraft fees.

Extended Product Warranties

We’ve talked about these at Senior Savings before. If you consider purchasing an extended warranty with every electronic you buy, don’t be so hasty. Most product warranties for gadgets simply end up costing you extra over time. 

Bottled Water

There’s a pervasive myth that bottled water is healthier to drink than tap water. This isn’t necessarily true, since chemicals from plastic bottles can contaminate the water inside. Plus, plastic is a major pollutant. Instead, consider investing in a reusable bottle you can carry with you. If you ask politely, many places won’t mind if you fill up at their water fountain or the water dispenser on a soda machine. You may also want to consider investing in a faucet or pitcher filter.

Specialty Tools or Appliances

If you’re doing a one-off project and need a special tool for it, consider asking around first. Check with a friend or neighbor instead of buying a specialty item you’ll never use again. Also, some libraries offer more than just books. Tool lending libraries are becoming more and more popular, and are a great place to look if you need a tool you probably won’t use again.

Unused Subscriptions

It’s easy to get sucked into a good deal or a free trial. But what about when that trial ends? In many cases, a company might not remind you that your trial is ending. And if you provided a credit card up front, you’ll start paying for the full price service—possibly without even realizing it. It might be a pain, but go through your bank statements and look for subscriptions you’re paying for but not using. Call and cancel them right then and there—your wallet will thank you.


Did you know that you can get your hair cut at a discount or even for free at a local beauty school? Check out beauty schools in your area to see if you can save. Additionally, if you head to the barbershop for a simple trim, you may even be able to do this at home with an inexpensive pair of clippers.

There are so many ways to save it’s impossible to list them all. For example, if you notice other recurring expenses, such as ATM fees, you may simply want to be more conscientious of where you’re withdrawing your cash. Some banks will reimburse you if you visit other banks’ ATMs, while certain cards grant you fee-free access to more ATMs. If you still receive newspapers, remember to scour inserts for manufacturer’s coupons. This can help you save tons on products you use every day. Then you can combine them with store deals and get products for next to nothing!

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What tips do you use to save money on recurring expenses? Let us know your best advice in the comments below!

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