7 Gifts for the Tech Lovers in Your Life

November 9th, 2019

Now that the days have gotten shorter, it seems like the holidays are fast approaching. If you haven’t started thinking about shopping for gifts, we don’t blame you. At Senior Savings, we want to help make the holidays as fun and stress-free as possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of this season’s most useful gadgets. Use this guide to get a jump start on all your gift-giving needs!

For Someone With Aches and Pains: AccuPoint Advance

We all know someone who suffers from aches and pains. Whether it’s a stiff neck, sore lower back, or achy joints, chronic pain can be annoying at best and debilitating at worst. AccuPoint Advance is the gift for those folks. AccuPoint is a compact, lightweight, and wireless device that is designed to reduce pain and muscle soreness. Target pain with massage-like pulses. The adjustable strength offers relief for both chronic and acute symptoms. AccuPoint is an alternative to drugs and doctor’s office visits, and gives users the ability to do physical therapy at your convenience and in just about any location. 

For Your Family Documentarian: ThePhotoStick

If you have that friend or family member who loves taking photos, you know their worst nightmare is losing precious digital files. Be that person’s hero this holiday season with ThePhotoStick. ThePhotoStick is the perfect gift for shutterbugs because it makes lost files a thing of the past. Unlike a regular flash drive, ThePhotoStick instantly backs up photos and holds up to 60,000 files, making it an amazing gift for your friends and loved ones. 

For Someone Who Loves Practical Gifts: FIXD

Everyone knows that practical person who would rather receive socks and home goods than frivolous trinkets. Well, have we got the gift for them—staying on top of their car’s repairs. FIXD is a simple device that works with a car’s on-board diagnostics port to diagnose problems. Not only will FIXD tell you what’s wrong, but it will also explain the consequences if the repair goes unchecked, which helps you decide what repairs to make. The best part? FIXD can be yours for less than the cost of an oil change.

For Warmer Days: Zen Cooler

While some people may not be able to use this gadget until the summer, the recipient sure will be grateful for it when hot weather strikes! Zen Cooler gives people a way to stay cool wherever you go. This compact evaporative air cooler unit keeps people cool and comfortable at a fraction of the cost of a large, traditional unit. Not only are you giving a great gift, you’re saving your loved one money on their cooling bill.

For Smartphone Users: InvisiCharger

An overwhelming majority of people now own cell phones, making the InvisiCharger a perfect gift for people of all ages. This impressive Qi-powered charging base turns any piece of furniture into an invisible wireless charger. InvisiCharger works with more than 150 smartphones and Qi-enabled devices and charges up to five times faster than other wireless chargers. Plus, it’s convenient—you can mount it almost anywhere and make desks and tabletops efficient AND keep them less cluttered. 

For Audiophiles: PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds

Wireless tech is all the rage, and for good reason—who wants to deal with annoying cords that seem to tangle instantly in your pocket? PlayBeatz earbuds are one of the best and most affordable options on the market. PlayBeatz are lightweight, comfortable, and sweat-resistant, with noise-cancelling capabilities that mean you only hear what you want to hear. Don’t pay $250 for premium, brand-name brands when you can get all the quality at a fraction of the price with PlayBeatz.

For Drivers of All Ages: VIZR

WIth smartphone use on the rise, distracted driving has become a bigger problem than ever. Give the gift of safety with VIZR. VIZR is a heads-up display device that turns your smartphone into a clear, hands-free display. Your loved ones will never have to fumble with their phones or take their eyes off the road ever again. Because of its unique display and transparent design, VIZR lets drivers keep track of navigation and focus on the road. This is a perfect gift for drivers of all ages because it works with smartphones regardless of brand!

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