7 Gifts Under $50 For People With Arthritis

October 26th, 2020

As we get older, it’s not uncommon to experience mobility challenges. These may be the result of any number of health issues, one of the most common being arthritis. Depending on the severity, this can also make it difficult to live independently.

Fortunately, as technology and design develop, there are now tons of products on the market that can make life significantly easier for seniors with arthritis. These products are simple, effective, and convenient to use, especially for people who face pain, stiffness, numbness, or who don’t have a lot of hand strength.

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1. A Set of Key Turners | $8

Key turners, which are essentially plastic handles that lock onto keys, give you a wider base to grab. This make keys easier to turn in even the most stubborn of locks. 

2. Bed Assist Bar | $40

Nearly a third of falls occur in the bedroom. This clever assist bar is a simple way to stay safe, and because it slides under the mattress, it’s guaranteed to stay secure. This one is adjustable, and it even has a pocket you can use for nighttime essentials. 

3. Heated Aromatherapy Slippers | $20

It’s normal to feel cold more often as you get older, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. These aromatherapy slippers also feature a relaxing lavender scent. These stylish slippers can also be heated in the microwave, making them perfect for relieving stiffness in arthritic feet.

4. No-Tie Shoelaces | $8

Sock-style shoes with no-tie laces are in style, which is great for people who want something comfortable and easy to slip on. But what about the shoes with laces you already have? Lock Laces are an affordable shoelace alternative that comes in tons of different colors and styles. These elastic laces are simple to install and easy to tighten, meaning any shoe can become a stylish slip-on.

5. Big Button Remote | $40

As cable boxes get more complicated, the remotes get more buttons. And those buttons get harder to see and press. Simplify your remote with a big button TV remote, which only has a few easy-to-press buttons. This one allows you to control both your television and your cable box and store up to 30 favorite channels.

6. Therapeutic Epsom Salts | $25

Epsom salts are one of the oldest home remedies for all kinds of ailments. While science has not yet confirmed their healing properties, a hot bath can undoubtedly do sore muscles and stiff joints some good. Turn a regular bath into a bonafide luxury spa experience with these essential oil-packed bath salts.

7. Colorful Compression Socks | $21(7 pairs)

Cold is one of the worst things for people with arthritis, meaning cold feet are more than just an annoyance. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to wear those comfy slippers everywhere…but these fun compression socks almost make up for that. Compression socks can help reduce swelling, but if you’re looking for something to simply keep your feet warm, these thermal socks will certainly get the job done. (Plus they come with grippers on the bottom, to reduce slips and falls!)

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