9 Unparalleled Gifts for Book Enthusiasts

November 25th, 2020

If you’re shopping for book lovers this holiday season, you could always just get them books, which they’ll surely love. However, you could also kick your gift-giving up a notch with these thoughtful accessories.

Antique Design Tissue Dispenser

This tissue box is sure to charm any book lover! Styled like a stack of antique books, the top opens smoothly and easily to make changing tissue boxes as convenient as possible. It also works with napkins, so you can add this box to any room! (Plus, it’s wood—no actual books were harmed in the making of this tissue box.)

Desktop Bookshelf

This tiny but mighty desktop shelf is perfect for dorm rooms, desks, countertops and cramped spaces. It also comes in a range of colors to match the recipient’s decor. If you know someone who loves books, you know there’s never enough shelf space for all of them. A desktop shelf is the perfect way to organize the overflow books or just display a curated set within easy reach.

LED Neck Reading Light

This device might look silly, but it provides a powerful reading light for up to 80 hours on a single charge. The light itself comes with three temperature modes and six different levels of brightness. It’s also ideal for any other activities that require a lot of attention to detail, such as knitting, sewing, or handiwork. Better yet, it’s totally hands-free, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Just One More Chapter Throw Pillowcase Cover

Let your recipient show off their love of reading with this cute throw pillow cover! The material is super soft, meaning it’s comfortable to lean on when your beloved bookworm is curled up reading that next chapter.

Book Page Holder

It can be hard to hold books comfortably when you’re reading for a long time. It can be especially difficult with stiff-spined books. This little page holder does a lot of that work for you so you don’t need to strain your thumbs holding the pages open—the quality wood keeps pages open so you can read with one hand and hold onto your coffee with the other.

MagniPros 3x Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier

It can get more difficult to see as we get older, which makes reading more difficult. And unfortunately, not all books come in easier-to-read large print. This handy magnifying device can help. The large viewing area and optical-grade magnifying lens make it much easier to read tiny print—it’ll magnify up to 300%! It also comes with a light for better viewing. The LED lights are dimmable, guaranteed to last, and, most importantly, illuminate the page without creating a glare.

Novelty Folding Book Lamp

This stylish lamp looks like an open book with fluttery pages. The cover is magnetic, allowing it to display in multiple creative shapes. Additionally, it’s USB rechargeable, so it can hold light cord-free for 5 to 6 hours. This compact lamp also features 3-way switching so you can adjust it to suit your mood.

Monolike Magnetic Bookmarks, Ocean Palette

These pretty pastels are simple but perfect for marking pages. The magnets make it easy to attach to any page, on any part of the page. Plus, the materials used are gentler and less damaging to books than a metal or plastic bookmark. They’re also much harder to lose because they’ll stay firmly in place wherever you go!

Paddywax Candles Library Collection

No soothing reading session is complete without a gently flickering candle. The Paddywax candles are inspired by classic authors and books, pairing an exquisite fragrance with an inspiring quote from a great author. The 6.5-ounce candle will burn for approximately 60 hours, and each one is made in the USA.

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