Defog Your Windshield In Half the Time With This Trick

December 10th, 2020

If you’re fortunate enough to live and drive in a part of the country that gets really cold during the winter, you know that winter driving is no joke. There are tons of factors that make winter driving a downright chore, from having to shovel the driveway, to waiting for a freezing cold car to warm up. One of the most annoying aspects isn’t even the driving itself—it’s getting into the car, only to find that your windows have totally fogged up. 

Luckily, there may be an easy way to defog your windshield in just a short amount of time. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has developed a four-step trick for quick defogging, which he explains in a YouTube video. He notes that many cars have a variety of settings meant to take care of foggy windows. However, he points out, these buttons aren’t necessarily all quick fixes. So, if you’re in a hurry, what works best?

After testing a number of different methods, Rober found a specific combination of settings can help take care of those foggy windows in half the time it would take the defrost/defog button alone. 

  1. First, turn the heater up to full blast.
  2. Then, turn on the air conditioner.
  3. Turn off the inside air circulation.
  4. Finally, crack as many windows as possible for at least a few seconds.

Rober explains that this works because it essentially removes the moist air inside your car and replaces it with dryer air. Naturally, your success may vary based on your car’s settings, as well as the outside temperature and humidity level.

At the end of the video, he suggests that if this method doesn’t work for you, you could instead try filling a sock with cat litter and placing it on your dashboard by the windshield. The cat litter will help absorb the moisture. Additionally, some companies make anti-fog treatments for car windshields. One thing is for sure, though—the cheapest option is fiddling with your car’s settings, or simply being patient until the fog goes away!

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