Don’t Shop Online Without These Discounts

February 26th, 2021

Shopping online is great: You can get everything you need without leaving your couch (or even your pajamas)! But who doesn’t love saving a little extra when they shop? Use these easy tips next time you buy online to save some extra cash.

Fill your cart…then bail.

This usually only works on websites where you have an account, but it can still save you a few bucks. If you’re not sure whether you really want that item, put it in your cart and leave it there. Give yourself a little time to think it over and make sure you really want it. If you don’t, you’re saving money. If you do want it, you’re still in luck. Sometimes the store will email you to let you know the item’s price has gone down. Other times you might get luckier still, and receive a coupon.

Sign up for texts and emails.

Don’t wait until checkout to sign up for promotional emails. Instead, make that the first thing you do when you start shopping on a new site. Many sites offer discounts to entice first-time shoppers, so be sure to take advantage of it. Some retailers may also send you discounts via text message. This is a great way to stay on top of new sales and coupons, too!

Get loyalty perks.

The whole point of loyalty programs is that they come with rewards. Even if you think you won’t use it often, it doesn’t hurt to have it when you do shop. Plus, you’ll probably get a good deal or a free item for your birthday.

Clear your history. 

Have you ever started shopping for something, paused, and then searched for it again later…and the price has gone up? Some sites use a thing called dynamic pricing, where the price changes depending on interest. So, if you keep seeing the price go up, you’ll act more quickly because it seems like demand is high. If you’ve ever booked a flight or purchased concert tickets online, you may have already experienced this. Instead, you can open your settings and clear your browser cookies. Then refresh, and see whether your price drops. 

Take advantage of age-related discounts.

We say this a lot at Senior Savings, but only because it’s true. Ask for senior discounts! Not every place offers them, but the worst thing the store or restaurant will do is tell you no. Or, if you’re shopping with a college-aged child or grandchild, see if you can borrow their student discount.

Use coupons and cash back. 

If you shop online often, consider adding extensions like Honey or Rakuten to your browser. Both scan the internet for coupon codes you can use on your purchase. Rakuten also lets you earn cash back, and will send you a check every quarter for your earnings!

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How do you save when you shop online? Let us know in the comments below!

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