Easy Home Upgrades That Help Seniors Age in Place

May 29th, 2020

If you’ve thought about the future at all, you’ve probably spared a moment to think about what will happen to your home. While some seniors prefer to move to retirement communities where they can be around people of a similar age, this isn’t for everyone. In fact, more and more seniors are making home improvements that will allow them to live at home longer. Living independently at home during your senior years is also called “aging in place” and it’s becoming increasingly popular among older adults.

How home improvement helps

Small improvements now can mean big benefits later. Essentially, the idea is that making overall improvements now means you have to do less in the future. For example, an old, wobbly railing on your front porch is a danger now. But if you face mobility challenges in the future, this can be even more dangerous. 

According to experts, getting your home in good working order should come before any age-specific improvements. You may never need a wheelchair ramp, but usable railings and smooth, even sidewalks are important safety features at any age.

What modifications should you consider?

A survey by HomeAdvisor suggests that every home improvement project you take on also gives you the opportunity to address new needs. There are a number of projects that improve your home’s accessibility, safety, and ease of living. In fact, if you’ve thought about any of these things while making changes in your home, you’re probably already making improvements that facilitate aging. Here are some of the most popular projects homeowners take on to accommodate “aging in place.”

  • Adding pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets
  • Changing round doorknobs to lever handles
  • Replacing tile/stone floors with wood/carpet
  • Renovating bathrooms/kitchens
  • Installing smart devices, such as fire detection and security systems, locks, thermostats, and lighting
  • Installing taller, comfort height toilets and grab bars in bathrooms

Age-specific improvements also include other renovations such as: 

  • Adding or improving lighting to increase visibility and make house safer/easier to walk around in
  • Adding a bench/threshold in the shower, or installing a walk-in tub
  • Installing ramps and widening doorways for wheelchair access
  • Relocating the master bedroom to the first floor

Regardless of whether you’re thinking of the future or simply trying to tackle projects you previously haven’t had time to, the study’s conclusion is clear. Any project that improves the overall function of your home is one worth doing.

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