Here Are the Internet Providers Waiving Fees Right Now

April 8th, 2020

Like most people, you’re probably skipping a lot of the social activities you used to love, like going out to dinner with family or breakfast meetups with friends. Though social distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it also means most of us are spending more time indoors than usual. 

Between streaming shows and catching up with friends and family over video chat, you might also spend more than usual on your internet bill. It might also mean you’re thinking about getting internet access for the first time. Regardless, now is the time to save. Some internet service providers are offering discounted services and others are waiving fees to ease the burden on folks who have been impacted by the coronavirus. 

Here’s which national companies are waiving fees during the crisis. Note that most of them are only promising these fee reductions until mid-May, so if you need to call and make arrangements, sooner is likely better than later.


For those experiencing economic hardships as a result of the pandemic, AT&T is waiving some of its fees and charges. For home phone, and broadband residential customers, AT&T is waiving late payment fees and overage charges on data, voice, and text. The waiver only applies to fees and charges incurred between March 13 and May 13, 2020. You will need your user ID and password to submit a waiver request.

If you’re unable to pay your bills, AT&T will not terminate your service.

Century Link

CenturyLink is waiving late fees for residential and small business customers, and suspending data usage limits for residential customers. They also will not terminate service if you’re unable to pay your bills. According to their site, you do not need to contact them to ensure your service remains active.

Charter Communications (Formerly Time Warner Cable, includes Bright House Networks and Spectrum)

For new customers with students (including K-12 and college students), Charter is offering free broadband and wifi internet for 60 days. You can also take advantage of free wifi hotspots. 

Comcast Xfinity

New, low-income customers can get free wifi through Comcast for the next 60 days. All customers can enjoy increased speed, no late fees, unlimited data, and no disconnects. Existing customers will automatically receive these benefits. To see if you qualify for the low income program, you can find out if you’re eligible at

Cox Communications

All customers can enjoy unlimited data for 60 days, and new customers don’t need to sign an annual contract to sign up. If you already pay for an unlimited plan or 500GB, Cox will credit your account. Additionally, Cox is another company that will not terminate services for residential or commercial customers. You can also get free wifi hotspots. 


Until May 15, 2020, Mediacom is pausing data caps. All customers can enjoy increased internet speeds, waived late fees, and no termination of service for customers who cannot pay their bill. Its wifi hotspots will also be publicly available.

Sparklight (Cable One)

Sparklight is pausing service terminations until May 12, 2020. It also made unlimited data available on internet service until April 12. Late fees are waived until May 12. If you’re unable to make payments, you can defer your payments, but only if you call and ask. 

TDS Telecom

Low-income customers can get free service for 60 days. Additionally, TDS Telecom is waiving late payment fees and suspending service termination until May 16. The company is also making its hotspots free for public use.


Through May 12, Windstream will suspend service terminations and late fees for customers who are struggling financially. They are also offering several plans with no data caps and overage charges as well as discounts through the Lifeline Assistance Program.


Like many other companies, Verizon is suspending its service terminations and late fees for customers who are unable to pay their bills.

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