How to Pack and Ship Cookies and Other Treats

December 13th, 2020

If your holiday plans have radically changed this winter, you’re not alone. You may also be looking for ways to spread those tidings of comfort and joy. Perhaps you, like me, have been baking up a storm in order to send cookies to loved ones spread far and wide. The time and care that go into baking these treats are considerable, which would make it mighty disappointing if your goodies arrived in crumbs. So, what’s the best way to pack cookies for shipment? Take these tips into consideration.

First of all, the type of cookie is important to consider. Note that soft and chewy treats like chocolate chip cookies tend to ship well, but they may dry out if they take too long to arrive at their destination. You also don’t want to send anything too delicate—those paper thin pizzelles won’t dry out, but they may crumble if jostled. Your best bet is generally to send sturdier fare, like gingersnaps, sandwich cookies, peanut butter cookies, no-bake cookies, peanut brittle, candy bark, biscotti, and other firm, dry cookies.

Items that are too wet can leak if not packed or sealed properly. Nobody wants a soggy, leaking box to show up on their doorstep (and it’s against USPS rules) so choose your goods wisely!

When it’s time to pack your cookies away, what you pack them in also matters. Tins and small boxes are great, because you can pack cookies tightly, then place your tin or box inside another larger, padded box. Packing your boxes tightly is also essential. The more space your cookies have to move around, the more likely they are to break during shipping. 

When you’re ready to nestle your box within a box, start by laying down a couple of inches’ worth of packing material. This can be newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts. You can even use plain, unflavored popcorn for an inexpensive, biodegradable cushion. Then, once your base layer of cushion is down, add your tin. Then, fill the rest of your empty space with more packing material, until your cookies are held firmly in place. The final step is to seal up your box, label it for shipping, and cart it to the post office. Don’t forget to add any cards or notes before sealing your package.

Just be sure to give yourself enough time for the box to reach its destination before the holidays arrive!

Need tins? Try these cute, winter-themed ones.

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