How To Score Extra Savings On Holiday Purchases

November 13th, 2020

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Did you know that retailers oftentimes pinpoint specific days of the week to apply their deepest discounts? By planning which days they want to shop for discounts, seniors just like you are saving a ton of cash. What’s better than going home with a purchase you love? Getting it at a discount, of course! If you’re searching for the best days to shop for discounts, look no further.

For example, airlines often offer discounted flights on Mondays, meaning others race to beat those prices on Tuesday. Keep up with your grocery store’s circular, then shop for groceries and personal care items on Sunday. During the holidays, paying attention to these trends can net you some extra savings.

Airfare Discounts: Shop Tuesday

Most airlines post fare sales on Monday evenings, making Tuesday mornings prime time discount time. Statistics show that the cheapest seats on the market peak around 3pm on Tuesdays. 

Appliance Discounts : Shop Sunday

Most people do their appliance shopping on the weekends, so many retailers slash prices on the weekends to look more favorable when compared to their competitors. Prices for washers, dryers, ovens and fridges are roughly 1 to 2% cheaper on Sundays, which works out to about $10 saved on a mid-range model.

Car Discounts: Shop Monday

Mondays are a big day for getting discounts on a car, as dealerships are more likely to negotiate prices down after the weekend rush has left. Later in the week, when weekend crowds start piling in, buyers have less leverage to negotiate to the rate they want. 

Clothing Discounts: Shop Thursday

Many stores tend to start their big weekend sales on Thursdays, especially when it comes to clothing retailers. Shoppers will begin to get great deals on Thursdays. They can even get the fresh pick of the sale lot before the weekend herds come in!

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