Keep a Shopping List of Non-Essential Items, Too

January 21st, 2021

Do you often find yourself going to the store and leaving with way more items than you need? Impulse shopping often feels good in the moment, but may leave you feeling regretful later, even if you really need the item. If you can’t help but impulse shop even though you know you shouldn’t, try this strategy next time you feel the urge.

The trick is to keep a list of items you want. It doesn’t matter where you write it down, whether it’s on a notepad or in the notes app in your smartphone. Any time you think of something you want, write it down in the list instead of impulsively buying it. This helps you actually consider whether you want to spend money on the item at the time. 

Not only does it help you think about money more wisely, it’s also a reminder of things you want. If you tend to think of something you want or need but forget before you can write it down, this is an easy way to prevent that.

Of course, you can’t just save every penny forever. You deserve a treat every once in a while! So, the next thing to do is to pick something from the list to buy. This allows you to make a little room in your budget for the item. 

After time, you may realize you don’t want something as much as you thought you did, which is fine too! Just cross it off your list and enjoy the fact that you still have that cash in your bank account. The real trick is just taking extra time to think about the things you really want to spend your money on, then prioritizing the things you really, truly want over things you’re only mildly excited about.

And, hey, if there are items on your list that you don’t end up buying for yourself, you can always suggest them as holiday or birthday gift ideas.

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