Makeup Routine For Age-Defying Beauty

May 9th, 2019

As we grow older, we experience a number of changes in the way we look and in the way our skin feels and behaves. The thought of keeping up with the latest beauty trends can be overwhelming, but a beauty routine doesn’t have to be complex to be timeless. Here’s a simple routine for a classic, beautiful look.

Start with skincare

Dry skin can make makeup look cakey and patchy, and skin does tend to dry as the body ages. A creamy face cleanser is less likely to strip oils from the skin, so try starting with one of those. The most necessary step is a moisturizer, which when layered under foundation will give the skin a fresh, dewy look. If your goal is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, look for a moisturizer with retinol and peptides, which stimulate collagen production.

Skip heavy foundation

Foundations with a dewy base will make skin look younger and fresher. Heavy foundations sink into lines on the face and give it unwanted creases. Tinted moisturizer, BB cream, and CC cream will leave skin with a lighter and dewier look. BB cream will prime, hydrate, and protect skin, and CC cream offers color correcting properties. Experiment to see which will work best with your skin type, but try to find one with an SPF to protect your skin from the sun.

Conceal imperfections

Concealers offer more coverage to extra-pigmented areas. Concealer that comes in a lipstick-like tube can be drying and aging to the skin. Liquid concealers are just as effective and aren’t as drying. If you’re still experiencing dryness, try dabbing on a little extra moisturizer just before tapping on concealer.

Add a pop of color

Blush adds a flattering pop of color to any complexion. Cream or liquid formulations offer a concentrated pigment that will liven the face. If you’re worried about being too heavy-handed, opt for a powder blush, which will allow you to layer on color slowly. Matte shades are universally flattering and won’t settle into lines on the face.

Beware of face powder

Face powder can have the same effect as concealer in that it can make the face look dry and cakey. Instead of a powder foundation, try brushing on just a little bit of translucent powder after you put on your foundation, concealer, and blush. This will help set your makeup in place without giving you a powdery look.

Make your eyes stand out

Our eyes change shape as we age, and our routines should change to accommodate that. Wrinkled and hooded eyelids can make applying eyeshadow a challenge, as well. Bright, dark, and heavy colors can accentuate wrinkles and make eyes appear smaller. A light layer of natural, neutral eyeshadow will make eyes look brighter, and eyeliner will give eyes a pop. Using a softly colored pencil can help you avoid eyeliner mishaps and allows you to layer until you reach the desired intensity.

Swipe on some black mascara

Black mascara makes the white of the eyes appear whiter, which makes the eyes look more youthful. Black mascara also makes the lashes appear thicker. If you use an eyelash curler, always use the curler first, as wet mascara can stick to the curler and pull out lashes.

Fill in your brows

Brows thin with age, so filling in your brows can make you look instantly younger. Look for a brow product in a light, neutral shade and fill in the natural shape of your brow. If you’re intimidated, start with a brow powder. This creates a softer and more natural look than a pencil, and is a little more forgiving.

Finish with a lip color

Start by moisturizing your lips with balm. This prevents lipstick from looking flaky and makes them look softer and plumper. Look for formulas that have a creme sheen; these lipsticks are colorful but a little glossy, so they’re more moisturizing than a typical matte lipstick. The glossy effect also makes lips appear fuller. If you like a little more color, try a red or magenta and apply it so that the edges are soft.

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