Organize Your Space With These Life Hacks

Nothing feels better than walking into a clean, organized space. Whether you made a New Year’s resolution to get more organized or it just feels like the right time to tackle a project, here are some tips to help you get and stay organized.

If you’re a senior or are organizing the home of an older friend or relative, there are some other things you may want to take into consideration, too. Here are some helpful tips to get you started that can also make navigating the home easier for seniors.

Store items at waist height. Any lower than the upper thigh can make it difficult for seniors to bend over and retrieve items. This is especially true if you or a loved one have any sort of back or knee pain.

Keep steps clear. You can also add lights to dark areas such as stairways. This ensures better visibility in these areas and can help prevent dangerous falls. You can also hang baskets on railings or on a wall near the staircase. Then use them to hold items you need to remember to take up or downstairs later.

Make your spaces work for you. If you have a small kitchen, get a small, sturdy rolling cart. This way, you can place items on it without having to carry them back and forth through your living space.

Sort important papers. You may hate doing this now, but you’ll be grateful for it later. Keep all your bills in one place, like a large accordion folder. Even better if it’s a standing folder with tabs that you can place large labels on. Keep any important documents like passports, birth certificates, et cetera safe in a fireproof lockbox.

Make everyday items more efficient. Place things that you use every day in easy-to-reach places. You can also get one of these key organizers, which eliminates bulky keychains and makes keys easier to slide into a pocket or purse. With different kinds of attachments, you can even turn keys into a handy multipurpose tool.

Make use of labels and drawer dividers. Once you sort bigger items, you can start sorting the small stuff. Drawer dividers can help with this. You can also get some organizational cube shelves and bins. These are easy to arrange and label. 

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