Save Freezer Space And Your Food With This Nifty Trick

January 20th, 2021

If you don’t have a lot of freezer space, it’s easy to end up playing a careful organization game where you have to carefully balance your storage and consumption to avoid running out of space. The freezer is one of the best tools in your kitchen for storing food efficiently. Plus, it’s always good to have something on hand for those nights when you just don’t feel like cooking something from scratch.

However, the aforementioned space issue can make storage a nuisance. This is where the genius flat freezing technique comes in. Freezing liquids flat in a plastic bag might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a huge space saver—you’ll be shocked how many gallon bags you can stack neatly in your freezer. As a bonus, this also helps food freeze more quickly. This also helps prevent freezer burn and preserves the food’s ideal texture. 

This method is ideal for storing semi-solid foods like ground meat or stew as well as liquids like sauces and soups. You can even use it for grains and break off a piece when you’re ready to thaw and eat it. 

It may seem challenging to get a liquid into an unstable bag without making a total mess, but the good news is there’s a hack for this too. When you’re ready to freeze your liquid, open your bag and place it inside a large container like a measuring cup. Then, fold the edges over the edge of the container and make sure the bag is fully open. 

After that, you’re free to fill the bag with liquid while the container keeps it in place. When you’re ready to seal it, lay it flat, being careful not to let any liquid escape. Press out as much air as possible, zip it shut, and then lay it flat in the freezer to freeze fully before stacking it with other items. And there you have it! The only thing left is to enjoy your newfound space (and some delicious food).

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