Score Extra Savings at Walmart With These Tricks

September 26th, 2020

Walmart is a haven for great deals. But what if you could get even better deals when you shop there? Actually…you can. Even though Walmart is known for deep discounts, there are still some ways to save that you might not know about.

Ask for a price match.

Walmart has a pretty generous price match policy. When you shop online, make sure you do some comparison shopping first. If you find the item cheaper at another retailer, contact Walmart Customer Care before placing your order. They’ll verify and adjust the price. Price matching is also available in the store.You’ll want to note that price matching only applies to one item per customer per day, though. Check out Walmart’s website for their full price-matching policy.

Skip the shipping and pick up in-store.

Free shipping is awesome, but there’s usually a minimum amount you have to spend to qualify. Instead of buying fifteen extra dollars’ worth of stuff, you can ship your order to the store instead. Store Pickup is exactly what it sounds like—you pick up your items instead of paying for shipping. You may even earn an extra pickup discount for your trouble.

Take advantage of coupons when you shop online.

There are a few browser extensions you can install to save even more money. They work by searching the internet for available coupon codes so you can add the best discount. Honey is one of the most popular ones, saving users an average of $126 per year.

Earn cash back. 

Cash back has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Similar to Target’s Red Card, Walmart’s branded credit card offers 5% cash back on Walmart purchases. However, there are plenty of other credit cards that offer great cash back rewards. Just try to pay your bill in full each month to avoid losing your savings to interest charges.

You can also earn cash back when you shop online. Companies like Rakuten and Swagbucks Shop help you earn money back on your purchases with minimal effort.

Spot fake reviews and save.

Not every product review is honest. It’s more common than you think for companies to get caught posting fake  positive reviews of their own products. But a tool like Fakespot assesses potential fake reviews. If reviews are overselling a product, Fakespot can help you avoid wasting money on it.

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