Sell, Don’t Throw Away These Items

September 21st, 2020

Forget spring cleaning—any time is a great time to clear clutter out of your home. Whether you want to tackle that closet that’s full of old junk or are preparing to downsize, consider selling unwanted items rather than just throwing them away. Some items, like electronics, shouldn’t just be thrown away. Plus, these items may prove more valuable than you think and may earn you some extra cash. Here are some items you may want to sell rather than toss.

Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card for a store or restaurant you never go to? You can actually sell gift cards on sites like Raise or Cardpool. Usually you’ll only get about 90% of the value of your card, but that’s certainly better than letting it take up space in your wallet.


Most of us only need calculators occasionally, and we don’t need fancy graphing calculators when a phone calculator will do. Still, these calculators remain popular in high school and college classes and certain professions. This means there’s a surprisingly lucrative market for them online.


When kids and grandkids have outgrown their toys, they don’t just disappear. If you still have old toys lying around, you may want to try selling them online. Certain toys, like Furby and Easy Bake Ovens, have become surprisingly valuable over time. You can search their worth online, or see what they’re selling for on eBay to get an idea of how much to ask for.

Home Appliances

This is truly one situation in which one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some people may simply be looking for a cheap washer, while another may consider your old refrigerator an upgrade. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are two simple ways to find local buyers for your old appliances.


Sometimes libraries will accept book donations, but this isn’t always the case. However, many used bookshops (such as Half Price Books) will purchase the books you no longer want. If you have lots of textbooks, you may also be able to trade them in through Amazon.


If you’re in the habit of upgrading your cell phone every two years, you may have a drawer full of used phones somewhere. But, yep, you can sell those too. The same goes for old laptops and tablets. Retailers like Amazon, Apple, and Best Buy all have trade-in programs that may net you a little extra cash.

Designer Fashion Items

Nowadays, there are tons of websites that specialize in luxury consignment items. Check out sites like The RealReal and Bag Borrow or Steal if you’re looking to unload clothing or purses you no longer carry. If you want to sell non-designer clothes, don’t worry. There are tons of consignment stores (and probably some local options) that will buy those, too, without the hassle of listing them online.

Of course, selling does take a bit of effort. Another option is to simply donate things you no longer use. (Just don’t forget to write it off on your taxes!) Regardless, consider alternatives to simply throwing unwanted items away next time you clean house.

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