Senior Discounts to Take Advantage of When You Turn 55

June 8th, 2019

When seniors ask us what the best method for saving money is, our top piece of advice is to make sure you’re asking for senior discounts wherever you go. Seniors over 50 can save money at places like restaurants, movie theaters, retailers, and travel companies simply by asking. Once you turn 55, there are a few extra discounts available at various restaurants and stores. Though you may still not feel like a senior, that doesn’t mean you can’t save on travel and entertainment costs! Here are the most up-to-date deals for the 50 and older crowd.

Always remember that offers are subject to change, especially at chain restaurants, since not all locations may participate in an offer.

Discounts for Seniors 55 and Older

You may not be eligible for every discount quite yet, but you can still save extra with an AARP membership.

Dining Discounts

Save 10% when you dine at

  • Chili’s
  • Dairy Queen (participating locations)
  • Fuddruckers (any senior platter)
  • IHOP
  • TCBY

Save up to a 20% when you dine at

  • Jack in the Box

Save 25% when you dine at

  • Uno Pizzeria & Grill (Wednesdays)

Shopping Discounts

Save 10% when you shop at

  • Goodwill: save one day a week, though day varies by location
  • Michael’s craft stores
  • Ross: on Tuesdays

Save 15% when you shop at

  • Belk’s: first Tuesday of every month
  • Bon-Ton Department Stores: Save with Senior Discount Days at participating locations
  • Kohl’s: on Wednesdays

Save up to 50% when you shop at

  • Salvation Army Family Stores: Save one day a week (amount/day vary by location)

Travel Discounts

Save 10% when you travel to

  • Myrtle Beach Resort

Save with elected trip discounts through

  • Carnival Cruise Lines: discounts on selected trips
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises: discounts on selected trips

Grocery and Drugstore Discounts

  • Hy-Vee: 5% off every Wednesday for senior discount club members
  • Fred Meyer: 10% off the first Tuesday of each month

Want to save even more? You can get discounts on amazing products and services with our Special Discounts. We’re adding new discounts all the time, so don’t forget to check back often!

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