Sometimes The Best Store Is Your Own House

February 11th, 2021

Do you ever find yourself in the mood to shop? When you have nothing better to do but go online and start browsing? Almost everyone is guilty of it. I’ve probably spent way too many hours looking for a pair of earrings or shoes I don’t need. Sometimes I even buy the item…only to regret it when I realize I already own something similar. 

The thing about impulse shopping is that it’s never really based on needing something. This is why I like to make a list of the things I want, sleep on it, and then budget for them. But there’s something else you can do when the urge to impulse shop arises. You can go shopping in your own home first. You may find something similar to what you were shopping for. 

Maybe you were browsing just to browse. That’s okay! But it can be helpful to identify the feeling that drove that impulse in the first place. For example, were you shopping because you were bored? Were you looking to introduce a little excitement into your life? Maybe there’s something in your home—a movie you’ve been meaning to watch or a book you’ve been wanting to read—that can scratch that same itch. 

While we’re all about catching good deals here on Senior Savings, sometimes the best savings trick of all is to focus on what you already have instead of spending mindlessly. If you do happen to start browsing, instead ask yourself what you’re really looking for in that moment. Is it entertainment? A way to make your wardrobe feel new and exciting again? 

Once you identify that want, then you can take a look at the things you already have. Is there a jacket or belt hiding at the back of your closet? Who knows, that might fulfill whatever feeling you’re chasing with that browsing!

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