The 3 Best Benefits of a Smartwatch

January 9th, 2021

These days, there are all kinds of products that make life easier. From voice-activated assistants like Siri and Alexa to e-readers, there are no shortage of tech advancements for seniors to take advantage of. As we as a society begin to focus more closely on taking care of our health and mental wellbeing, we’ve also seen a big rise in the number of products that help us do this. One of the biggest items is the smartwatch. These aren’t just your average, delicate, wristwatch. Smartwatches offer a variety of extra features that can make your life a little easier. So what are the benefits?

They help you track activity.

Just because you have a smartphone doesn’t mean you need to give up the practical function of a watch. But smartwatches tell you even more than the time. Most smartwatches come with the built-in ability to track steps and distance walked, calories burned, and heart rate. Some have the ability to track other metrics, like your blood pressure and blood oxygen. Plus, some will even remind you to get up and move around every hour, which is a great way to stay active.

You can answer calls and reply to messages more easily.

If you have a smartphone, the big benefit of a smartwatch is that it connects to your phone. This means that you can also get alerts for texts and calls right on your watch. This is perfect if you tend to wander into a different room without your phone. Friends and family won’t worry, because you won’t miss those important calls. Smartwatches can even keep you connected when you’re active. If you like swimming, make sure to look for a waterproof watch—yes, those exist!

They help monitor your health.

It’s a simple fact that we’re more likely to experience health problems with age. Having a tool that monitors basic vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen can help you keep your health in check and know when it’s time to visit the doctor. Plus, smartwatches are meant to be worn around the clock, meaning they track your sleep, too. If you’re waking up feeling exhausted all the time, your watch may be able to help you figure out why. Maybe you’re waking up a lot during the night. Maybe you’re never reaching the deep sleep that helps you feel rested in the morning. Smartwatches typically track your sleep quality, so if something seems off you can take strategies to address it on your own or with your doctor.

The bottom line is that what you get out of a smartwatch is going to depend on what you use it for. If you do decide to look for a smartwatch, be sure to look for one that suits your needs!

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