The One Chore You Should Do Every Autumn

October 13th, 2020

If you don’t live in a desert or arid climate, your home probably has a gutter system. However, you may not think too hard about what they really do for your home. Gutters collect the rainwater that runs off your roof, and from there that water spills into a downspout. The downspout carries the water to ground level, letting it drain away from your house. 

It’s a pretty simple system, but it’s one that can save your home from a ton of water damage over time. Without a gutter, rain flows straight to the ground from your roof. This can also happen if your gutters are clogged. When leaves fall due to autumn shedding or rain, they can collect in your gutters and prevent water from flowing properly. 

When a gutter system isn’t properly guiding water away from your house, the runoff can cause a multitude of problems.

Heavy Erosion 

Most homes are built at the top of a slight incline. This allows runoff to flow away from your home. However, when water pours over the edge of your roof, it can quickly erode that slope. It can then pool around your foundation, deteriorating it and eventually causing it to settle. A shifting foundation can cause your floors and masonry to crack.

Damaged Siding

Rainwater is full of particles. It can carry dirt, leaves, and other debris over your siding. Over time, this can cause heavy stains on your siding. Plus, continuous water flow can cause certain types of siding to rot, leaving your home vulnerable to irritating pests.

Basement Flooding

When water seeps into the land around your home, the dirt surrounding your foundation becomes heavier than usual. In turn, this puts pressure on the foundation. Eventually this may cause the foundation to bow, crack, and allow water to seep in. Extra moisture and a dark basement is a prime environment for dangerous mold growth.

If you move into a home without gutters, you can see why it would be well worth the expense of installing them. If you already have a gutter system installed, make sure to check on it every now and then. It might be irritating to clean your gutters out, but it’s much easier than dealing with foundational issues down the line. 

Of course, you can always call in a professional to help you maintain your gutters. Another solution is to install a gutter guard. These are filters made of fine mesh that filter out debris and prevent it from clogging your gutters.

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