This Powerhouse Cleaner Can Take Care of Any Mess (And It’s $5)

November 15th, 2020

Many people are spending more time than usual in their kitchens due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s probably safe to say that if you’re in this group, you’re also making more messes than usual in your kitchen. Even the most careful cooks can end up with baked-on stains and spots of rust on stainless steel. If your pots, pans, knives, and appliances have seen better days, fret not.

If you have an electric stovetop, you know that even the smallest splatters and drips can quickly turn into burned-on messes. You can certainly clean these with a little soap and a lot of elbow grease. But there is an easier way. Even better, it costs less than ten dollars, and can help you quickly restore your kitchen to its pristine state. This little known secret power cleanser is called Bar Keepers Friend. It’s a cleansing powder that can lift the toughest messes off of stainless steel—and other surfaces around the house.

Bar Keepers Friend is a bleach-free cleanser that easily removes rust, mineral deposits, tarnish, and other difficult stains from tons of different surfaces. It’s safe to use on stainless steel, porcelain copper alloys, ceramic, fiberglass, brass, bronze, chrome, and aluminum. In the kitchen, you can use it on just about any surface except for stone countertops. (Just be sure to double-check the package for directions.)

The product earned its name because it cuts through buildup surfaces. You can use it to restore rusty flatware to its original state instead of spending ten minutes trying to rust spots away. (Hey, rust spots can happen to anyone!) Additionally, you can use it to remove those thin gray scratches from ceramic bowls and mugs. You can even use it to remove scratches on your car if the scratches are light enough.

To use, simply wet a sponge or cloth, sprinkle on some Bar Keepers Friend, and massage it until it turns into a paste-like consistency. Then, simply wipe down the surface you want to clean. Wipe off the pastey residue with a damp cloth, dry, and ta-da! Your surfaces should look good as new.

For larger surfaces, like a pan with a burned-on mess, you can wet the surface directly, sprinkle on some cleanser, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe out the residue. 

What are your least favorite messes to clean? Let us know in the comments!

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