Try This Time-Saving Method For A Cleaner Kitchen

February 23rd, 2021

One of the nice things about cooking is that, unless you’re making something super fancy or labor-intensive, it isn’t all just chop chop chop, stir stir stir. Occasionally, you have a minute or two to sit back and watch while your sauce bubbles away on the stove or your potatoes crisp up in the oven. However, there’s a secret every home cook should know, and it’s that those minutes are always best used cleaning up your kitchen.

Now, there’s no need to pull out a toothbrush and spot-clean your tile, but there’s a lot of benefit in tidying as you go. For one, it ensures there’s less to tidy once you’re done cooking, which is already an amazing perk. And second, let’s be real. Unless your kitchen is purely for show, it’s probably dirtier than you realize. 

Again, there’s no need to bust out the bucket and mop mid-cooking, but you’ll be surprised at how clean your kitchen feels after a few simple cleaning tasks. For example, once they’ve cooled, you can start by washing the dishes, pots, and pans you used to prepare your meal. However, you can also think bigger. What other tasks can you do while you’re waiting? Consider: 

  • Cleaning off your countertops
  • Putting your fridge in order
  • Putting away dishes
  • Wiping the outside of appliances/cabinets
  • Sweeping up crumbs
  • Wiping down the sink and fixtures

Even picking one and just doing it will make a difference you’ll notice right away. Plus, future you will almost definitely be grateful to jump straight into relaxing after dinner instead of having to tackle an Everest-size pile of dishes. Plus, what’s not to love about looking at your kitchen and seeing only clean appliances?

One more trick that can make the clean-as-you-go lifestyle easier is to make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you need in the room. It might sound silly, but having to leave the room to go grab cleaning supplies may sap you of your motivation to actually clean. So, just keep some extra supplies on hand for when the moment arises.

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