Update Your Space With Easy, Inexpensive DIY Projects

January 21st, 2021

Whether you made a resolution to change up your decor, want to get ready for spring cleaning, or simply want to brighten up your home, you can do these easy projects all year round. The bad news is that many home improvements are extremely costly and time consuming.

The good news is that there are many improvements you can do with a small budget. By investing just a little cash into your home, you can change its entire look and feel. We rounded up some ideas to inspire your next home improvement project. As a bonus, you can do every project on this list for $10 or less!

Get Hooked: Add a wall-mounted row of hooks above your kitchen counter. This can act as dish towel storage or a way to keep cups handy! You can grab a nice pair of hooks at just about any hardware store and even Home Goods. Plus, you can now find tons of decorative, non-damaging hooks. These stick right to your wall and pull off when you want to remove them.

Wallpaper a Door: If you have old, beaten-up doors, a great way to give them a boost and even a pop of color is to simply wallpaper them. Wall paper is fairly inexpensive and can come in just about any color or print you desire. If you have extra photo frames lying around, you can frame some extra paper for a quick, interesting wall decoration.

Turn a Closet Into a Home Office: By unhinging your closet door and swapping your hanging rods for shelves you can have a nice home office without needed an extra room to do so.

Add a Doormat: By adding a doormat to an entry hall, you can keep dirt and leaves away while also adding a splash of flavor to your home. We love Walmart, Target, and Home Goods for cute and affordable doormats.

Bookend Your Books: Bookends are a great way to add personality to any bookshelf. They come in so many shapes and sizes that they’re widely available for just about any budget! Whether you choose a plain bookend or something really funky, though, your bookshelves will surely be an attention grabber!


Rearrange Your Furniture: This idea is completely free, but you might need a friend to help you do it! However, simply rearranging your furniture can make your entire space feel fresh.

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