Why More Americans Are “Unretiring”

December 16th, 2020

Though some people can’t retire soon enough and are content to spend their days pursuing leisure to its highest heights, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people retire only to realize that their safety net wasn’t as robust as they thought it was. Others retire and find that they miss working and the built-in social engagement that comes with it. In reality, there are any number of reasons that people “unretire.” Here are some common ones.

Inadequate Savings

Though the housing market has grown more expensive, the minimum wage for American workers has remained stagnant for more than a decade. Understandably, this makes it difficult to stash away savings. Additionally, social welfare programs like Social Security don’t always provide adequate aid. Sadly, financial difficulties are a major factor driving seniors back into the workforce.

Social Isolation

Even though it might feel like a vacation at first, endless days without a schedule can become monotonous. Plus, you’re not seeing as many people as you did when you were working. Over time, this can start to feel quiet, boring, and incredibly lonely. Social interaction and relationships with others are an essential part of life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fill that void by reentering the workforce.

Staying Motivated

Having a set of obligations can be a great motivator. Some people may find that having to get out of bed and head to a job provides just the right amount of meaning to your day. It can also be a great mood booster.

Wanting to Set a Good Example

There are positive reasons people reenter the workforce. One of them is to pass on the knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout your career. It’s unfortunately common for older adults to experience ageism in the workplace. On the other hand, the more experience you have, the more valuable your insight can be. If you’re thinking of looking for employment, you may be able to leverage all of that valuable experience.

Whatever your reasoning, returning to the workforce is a major decision. The good news, though, is that you may end up gaining benefits that aren’t just financial.

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