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Interested in becoming a contributor to Senior Savings?

We try to cover a range of topics here at Senior Savings, and now we’re looking to add new talent to our team! Is there a piece you think is missing on our site?

Discounts we haven’t covered?

Wisdom you’ve learned that needs to be shared? Tips and tricks for healthy recipes? We welcome your submissions!

General Requirements

  • We’re looking for high-quality, original work that caters to a senior audience.
  • We don’t follow a particular word requirement, but we ask that your pieces are at least 250 words.
  • We also ask that you write in concise, easy-to-understand language. (Ideally, language a sixth-grader would understand.)
  • Once your piece is submitted, an editor will proofread your post. If necessary, an editor will also help you fix any structural issues before posting.


Submit your information and article below and an editor will get in touch with you. Please email submissions@seniorsavings.com if you have any further questions.

*We reserve the right not to publish your content if it is inappropriate or hateful. We work hard to make Senior Savings a welcoming place for ALL seniors.